The next major change in Google search is here. According to Google’s Amit Singhal, Google’s switch to semantic search technology which will soon be implemented to supplement Google’s current keyword search system.

With Semantic Search Technology, Google will recognize keywords as “entities” which can be persons, places, or things.

For example, when you search for the Empire State Building, Google will know that you’re searching for a building, that it’s in New York City, where in the city it is, how tall it is, etc. It can then display the answer to a specific query directly to you in the search results instead of showing you a list of sites to search through to get that information.

This will help Google find even more relevant and informative results. Previously Google has just hoped to just search for results based on your queries (keywords, per say). But this will give them a better degree of certainty. This of course will lead to more money in Google’s pocket since ads should become more relevant as well.


What impact this will have on SEO?

Some predict that with Google providing information right in front of you, businesses who depend on the search and discovery of their ads will take a hit because users will spend less time browsing the results. However, since ads will be more relevant you could see a higher click through rate.

It’s estimated that this change towards the future of search will affect 10% to 20% of results, which would easily be one of the biggest changes in Google history. And since keywords may take a backseat to semantic search, it’s impossible to predict how SEO will change with any accuracy.

Keywords are easy to manipulate but not the user intent. In order to rank well in semantic search, you don’t just have to put your keywords in the right places, you have to figure out the actual meaning behind those keywords and create content around that specifically.


Anyways, we will keep a close watch on this change and update you as soon as things become more understandable.

Google Semantic Search SEO